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David Bash's Best of 2013 List 

David Bash from International Pop Overthrow released his Best of 2013 list and 2 albums I have tracks on were on it!

The #2 Tribute album was "The Records Tribute: Starry Eyed" from Zero Hour Records (with my cover of "Rumour Sets The Woods Alight." The #5 Compilation album was "Pop Garden Radio Presents The Rock On The Road Show Season 4" with my cover of Mike Viola's "Hair of the Dog." What a great way to start the year!

08/10/2013 Stealing Candy From A Butcher 

Remember when I subbed for Mike Viola on StageIt? Well, a bunch of us weirdos who filled in for Mike on Stageit and did Mike covers have recorded their versions as a tribute to Aidan Knox. Lance has now made this compilation available on the Songs for Aidan Bandcamp page. Proceeds will be donated to specific programs at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh that were chosen by Aidan. While you're there you should download Songs for Aidan volumes 1 and 2 as well if you haven't already

06/30/2013 Video Shoot 

I was recently contacted by Marshal Pictures about doing a video for "What You Do". We shot the music video today went great! It took many hours in the blazing Memphis sun with a lot of out of character costume changes and my hair is tied in knots from the constant wind, but it was worth it. There are far worse things I can think of than spending the day with three gorgeous redheads.

Many thanks to Marshal Pictures, Kate Vaillencourt, Heather Denise, and Storm Jones for doing such a great job.
Now I'm off to The Poplar Lounge for the Songwriter Social.

06/09/2013 Songwriter Social at the Poplar Lounge 

If you miss The Edge Coffeehouse Songwriter Night that I used to host, come out to the Songwriter Social at The Poplar Lounge every Sunday at 9PM. I'll be trading songs in the round with a rotating cast of some of the best local songwriters and touring artists. Always free admission!

05/25/2013 Plastico Elastico 

Wow, my day is officially made! I just found out Plástico Elástico from Madrid, Spain played my version of "Rumour sets the woods alight" from Zero Hour Record's "Starry Eyed - The Records Tribute". You can check it out at (it starts about 50 minutes in and is bookended by The Records "Teenarama" and The Starkwells cover of Big Star's "I'm in love with a girl". Not too shabby company to be in.) I'm glad to know that Europe, Australia, and Japan "get it", hopefully Memphis will catch up one of these days.

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